Click thumbnail to enlarge Ekka 2011 Winner Ekka 2010 Winner Pet Expo 2006 Winner Best Exhibit Caboolture 2012 Ekka 2011 Presentation Night Ekka 2010 Caboolture Show 2012 A&T Table Show 1998 Made with Xara RNA Show - Pisciculture Competition at the Ekka Show August Each Year Entries Close June Each Year Caboolture Show - June Each Year with Entries Closing Late May or Early June All shows supply an aquarium stand and central air, lighting and electricity. You usually supply the aquarium with lids (there may some aquariums to borrow the use of at each show). You supply the aquarium decorations, filtration and heating. At some shows you also need to bring a powerboard. Bring with you to the show the water for your aquarium and chlorine neutraliser etc. Ekka 2012 Winner